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They are 2!
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     Well, Daddy does a pretty lousy job keeping up our pictures here, but we are growing and developing whether he shows it here or not. Chloe is still the biggest of us 3, with Josh and Lauren running neck and neck about 2 pounds behind. We are all walking and talking and have taught Daddy that there are 3 OPPOSITE Directions when we take off. Folks still have trouble telling us apart. The easy way to remember it is match the "L's" because Lauren has Light hair.

     Of course we all have our own personalities and abilities. Josh sleeps the least and entertains himself pretty well. Lauren loves the outdoors and has her own unique walk.  Chloe has the most teeth and walks the best (runs is more like it Daddy says.) She also doesn't miss a bird or plane flying overhead and of course all planes are "Mahhk" for Uncle Mark Taylor. Our vocabulary has increased from "Ma" and "Da" to include "chicken", "pizza-pizza", "balloon" and more. Daddy couldn't be prouder.

     Mom got us swim suits with built-in inner tubes and we love Grandma Clark's pool. Lauren is the most adventerous. We all like going off the little sliding board, but she will even jump off the diving board every now and then. Mommy can't relax much trying to keep track of what we're all doing.

     Please keep praying for our family. We all need it. We need help to keep being good kids and Daddy and Mommy need help to keep us in line and themselves from going crazy. Though they seem to smile most of the time watching us, so it must be a happy thing. Enjoy the new pictures.





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Our Family made the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette and a Second Time Too!

Born on January 30, 2002 we are Joshua Clark Oliver (born 12:30, 4 lbs, 10 oz,) Lauren Mary Oliver (12:31, 4 lbs, 7 oz,) and Chloe Elizabeth Oliver (12:32, 4 lbs, 15 oz.)

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